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Our wide range of display racks and shelves for grocery items are fully customized to give your supermarket a distinctive look. With the highest load-bearing capacity and Indian design standards, our display shelves help you use the wall and floor space effectively, which results in higher profits per square foot. Available in various configurations, sizes, and colors; we have specific supermarket racks and fixtures to display every item in your store. Our display cum storage rack systems are easy to adjust and can be moved around to accommodate new layouts, products, and in-store customer behaviors.

Our display racks and fixtures are put through a series of material spillage and strength tests to meet the highest quality and durability standards.

Widest range of supermarket racks and fixtures
Highest load-bearing capacity
* Various configurations in custom sizes
* Best utilization of floor and wall space
* High durability and anti-corrosive
* Easy to adjust and modify layouts
* Available in various materials, colors, and finishes

Wall Mount Rack

Wall connected rack which is fixed with screws on the wall. To install this rack, you will need a plain surface wall. It is suitable for the economical budget to create a small Kirana store.

Wall Stand Rack

Fully folding and easy to install rack. It won't need any wall or support to stand. It can just be installed in just 10 minutes and stand in any place.

Gandola Rack

Fully folding and easy to install the rack, comes with front side cover space. Perfect rack for install in your center space.


The storage racks provided by us are of the most sturdy and strong quality present in the market. You can shelf the most amount of products and we can guarantee the storage rack would stay still as a statue.
we offer various types of storage racks and they are indeed one of the best in the market, with optimum space utilized, the product can be placed with more space available.

Pallet Racks With Mezzanine Floor

Heavy Duty Rack

Light Duty Rack

Industrial Rack

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